Vacancy News
August 2017

Session Clerk’s Update

We continue to make good progress on the vacancy.

We now have a Nominating Committee. There was a strong list of nominees so we had an election at the end of the well-attended service on 30 July. Here are the names of the 13 people elected.

John Adair

Janet Allan

Helen Barnes

Richard Dunbar

John Ferguson

Anne Kinnear

Valerie Macniven

Robin Nimmo

Kirsten Pink

Ann Pirie

Carrie Reid

Joan Ritchie

Neil Ross

The Nominating Committee’s task is to look for someone to recommend to the congregation to be our next Minister. The Committee will meet for the first time on 7 August. After that we will all have to be patient and leave them to get on with their important task which they will do on a confidential basis.

The Consultation with the congregation has been a great success. It was wonderful that so many people – around 100 – took part in the meetings held on 11 and 25 June and 2 July. We got 117 questionnaires returned. There was good feedback that the events were appreciated. The information gathered has been very helpful in a number of ways – contributing to the Parish and Congregational Profile; providing sound information for the Nominating Committee before they start their search for our new Minister; and giving the Kirk Session a basis for supporting the new Minister in future planning.

A Report on the consultation is now available [pdf]. If you need a printed copy please contact the church office or your elder.

The Kirk Session thought very carefully and with prayer about whether or not to include consideration of applications from Ministers in civil partnerships or same sex marriages. The Session voted twice on the matter with a strong majority in favour of allowing any such applications to be considered. The results from the consultation with the congregation were similar.

The Parish and Congregational Profile has been prepared and made available to the Nominating Committee. It too is now available [pdf]. There will be paper copies available on request from the Office or your elder. If the Nominating Committee decide to make changes a revised version will be issued.

We now pray for the Nominating Committee as they start their important task. Meantime the worship and organisational life of Greenbank goes on. The consultation and nominating processes have confirmed there is a great deal of energy and commitment at Greenbank as we go into the future.


Valerie Macniven
Session Clerk

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