Community Bible Experience at Greenbank

Have you ever felt that you didn’t know how to get into the Bible? Too many barriers and challenges?

In early 2019 we pioneered the Community Bible Experience at Greenbank. It’s a chance to engage with the books of the Bible in a format that takes away some of the challenges and allows us to get right into the richness of these ancient texts. No chapter and verse divisions are used, the translation is in clear language, and the books are presented in roughly the chronological order in which scholars think they were written. Everyone can buy a copy to read in their own time, and then come to a relaxed and friendly home group during the week to share their responses with others.

During Lent 2019 we enjoyed getting stuck into the New Testament. During September 2019 we’ll aim to finish it off:

w/c 9th September Hebrews, James, Mark                           w/c 23rd September Letters of John
w/c 16th September 1&2 Peter, Jude, John                           w/c 30th September Revelation

Contact Chris Horne ( or 0131 662 0615) to sign up – and to order a copy of the CBE New Testament if you don't already have one.

Martin Ritchie

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