Christian Aid


  • Christian Aid Week in 2018 is from Sunday 13th to Saturday 19th May. We are grateful that so many have agreed, once again, to collect from the streets of our parish.

  • Additionally, we are preparing to hold an event on Saturday 26th May at Morningside Parish Church along with our neighbouring churches. This will include the sale of plants, books, baking and coffee. It will certainly be a lot of fun!

  • You may also be interested in two Edinburgh-based Christian Aid book sales:

  1. The Holy Corner Sale will run from Saturday 12th May to Saturday 19th May and they are accepting books now.

  2. St Andrew’s & St George’s West will be open to receive donations of items for their sale from Monday 30th April to Wednesday 9th May. Their sale runs from Saturday 12th May to Friday 18th May.

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