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Greening the Entrance

'Greening Up' Braidburn Terrace

The Church Eco Group is pushing on with plans for 'greening up' the area in front of the church and hall doors on Braidburn Terrace. The latest design, includes benches and planters in the area between the main church door and the noticeboards on the western corner of the buildings.

A possible relocation of the bike racks to the zone between the hall and church doors, and the shift of the bins away from the hall frontage are also being considered.

The main landscape features will be a large planter with a tree and bench surrounds in the centre of the square, other benches and planters, a water butt area, and some ground level planting behind the low wall on the pavement edge. Recycled timber options for the planters are being looked into and costed, and a plants list is being drawn up.

Download the plan:   Green Scheme

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