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Latest Order of Service

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Greenbank Parish Church, Edinburgh
Sunday 21st July 2024
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

In-Person and Livestreamed Worship, 10am

Worship Leader: Rev Ian Gilmour
 Guest Organist: Terence O’Neill

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Order of Service

(Hymns are from CH4 and readings are from NRSV)

Welcome and Intimations

Call to Worship

Hymn 16: The Lord’s my Shepherd  [Tune: Brother James’s Air]

Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Young Church Focus

Hymn 164: God gave me eyes so I could see  [Tune: God Made Me]

Reading: 2 Samuel 7: 1–14a (OT p290)  [Reader: Karen Young]

Hymn 133: Source and Sovereign, Rock and Cloud  [Tune: Aberystwyth]

Reading: Mark 6: 30–34,  53–56(NT p39)  [Reader: Ian McWilliam]


Offering, during which we sing Hymn 462:The King of Love my Shepherd is  [Tune: Dominus Regit Me]

Prayers of Thanksgiving and for others, led by Jane Harkin

Hymn 355: You, Lord, are both Lamb and Shepherd  [Tune: Regent Square (CH4 439)]

Benediction, with sung Amen at Hymn 822


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