What's on at Greenbank

Download Greenbank's programme for 2018/19 (PDF) (revised Dec 2018)

The Calendar describes the scheduled meetings of our organisations, and other events in Greenbank.

If you would like to include an intimation in the Order of Service please submit it to the
Church Administrator as early as possible and no later than 10am on Thursday.

The Church Office is closed each day from 12 noon until 1.30pm and access to the
building is not likely to be possible during these hours.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an evacuation, Welcome Team members will guide you to the exits.
The Assembly Point is at the Braidburn Valley Park gates.
Children will be taken by Young Church leaders to meet parents at the Park gates.


This Week

Sunday 14 July

10.00am All Age Summer Worship
with Rev Bill Stone

Coffee will be served in the Main Hall after the
Service by Ian and Isobel Thom

Fresh Start
There will be a Fresh Start collection after the Service

Next Week

Sunday 21 July

10.00am All Age Summer Worship
with Rev Bill Stone

Coffee will be served in the Main Hall after the
 Service by Edith Armit


Pastoral Emergency
Contact the Rev Bill Stone on 07714 378 957.

Summer Visitors!
For the month of July, the Rev Bill Stone, our former Youth Minister, is exchanging pulpits and manses with Martin, who will go to New Vernon in New Jersey.

Nomination of Moderator of 2020 General Assembly
The Committee to Nominate the Moderator of the General Assembly is inviting recommendations for Moderator of the General Assembly 2020–2021. If you have any suggestions - the person recommended must be a minister, elder or deacon and they must give consent to being recommended – please let the Session Clerk know by 30 July.

Advice Needed
Our Property Convener, David Allan, is looking for some advice from a Structural Engineer. If there is anyone with experience in this field, David can be contacted on dtga@me.com or by telephone on 07800 607266 or 0131 313 4445.

Removing Barriers
The Kirk Session is keen to eliminate as many barriers as possible that people may be experiencing to hearing, seeing, physical access or any other issues in the Sanctuary or any other parts of our buildings. To enable people to tell us about

any difficulties they may be experiencing we will hold short meetings after the services on four Sundays. The first of these will deal with hearing difficulties and will be held on 21 July. Dates for other issues will follow over the coming weeks.

Holiday Tales: #GreenbankTravelLog
We invite you to bring back pictures, post cards and stories from your summer travels and to add them to our Greenbank Travel Log in the Main Hall. You can do this each Sunday at Coffee. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

Growing through Parenting
An opportunity this autumn for mums to attend a four week course where you’ll discover more about yourself and your approach to parenting.If you’re interested please drop Marie James a text on 07812 039 906 and we’ll try and find a day and time that suits the majority.

Streaming of Worship
Huge thanks to those who have contributed to our appeal. A big thank you to all those who have donated already. If you can help, donations small or large would be much appreciated.
Further details are available in the vestibule, or contact the Treasurer. Members can now see progress on the installation of the control desk in the South Transept, and the main camera mounting. Related work will proceed over several days, beginning on 22nd July.

Dates for Your Diary

Mon 5 Aug – Fri 9 Aug: Holiday Club
We need your help again this year. Please save 1 litre juice cartons and flat cardboard boxes, A4 size (or bigger), cereal boxes or shirt inserts would be ideal. Any donations can be left in the white plastic carton in the Main Hall.
This year, with the theme Backpackers, we’ll be running

weekday mornings during the week 5–9 August. The team have lots of fun activities planned. Please help by making sure your friends and neighbours know about it. We welcome all Primary School aged children, including those about to start Primary 1.
To enrol, click here, or contact the Church Office.

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